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A Poor Student’s Rant on Thai Tea and Money

I just finished making and drinking a really full cup of delicious and refreshing thai iced tea some minutes ago because I had been craving it for about a week and buying it seemed like an irrational choice to spend about $2-3 for a cup of tea+bunch of crushed ice while you can make it at home for like $5-6 and you can literally make like 200 servings of thai iced tea! Really though, the package of 400 grams of tea says you need 2 grams of tea per one cup of water, you know, 400 : 2 = 200 right? Can’t be wrong about it. Think of how much money you can save up per year by making the tea yourself. I actually made a rough calculation just then but I realize the calculation wass wrong and I am not that good at math so do your own calculation if you will. BUT SERIOUSLY I THINK THE NUMBER WILL BE MIND-BLOWING.

It’s pretty insane how cheaper it actually is to make food or beverages yourself rather than buying it from stalls or restaurants. And sometimes the taste of your own homemade foods are not that much different from those served in restaurants. But really though, whether you want to make or buy your food, it’s all your choice. After all, this is just a rant and confusion and amazement written by one (relatively) poor student here who always tries to save up money.

Or I should just open up a thai tea store myself.

Yea good idea.

One day though, one day.