Dreams and Flame

The thoughts that came to my mind have been so lame lately that my heart has been set aflame and burning continuously.

I keep on thinking of how unsatisfying my life is.

I envy my friends for success they acquire.

I am jealous of what happy life and all the friendships they have.

This thought is so lame and I hate it.

I always think I will be okay without many good friends around me if I can just be successful and genius and going places because of my achievements.

I realize, I am not genius, not successful, not going places. And friendships? What is friendship?–I don’t know. So I am not okay. It broke me every time I see my friends’ posts on my feed of their life that I always dream of in my sleep and in my every waking moments.

It hurts and it’s lame.

Double hurts.

I know if I want to change the current me and achieve what I want to achieve, I need to do something and keep my mind on it and run towards it. I know, everybody always tell me that, I always tell myself that.

I just–I don’t know what it is that I want to do. I don’t know what I can do.

I am lame, I know.

I am burned up by the flame I myself ignite.


via Daily Prompt: Flames


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