Food and Rain

It’s been raining all day here since morning. I like rain, but not too much. I think the sound of rain drops hitting on roofs and roads and any other objects are kind of cool and addictive in various ways. I also like the rainy weather when the air gets so stuffy with cold air and the atmosphere feels so serene and subtle in someways, I like that. On this and any other weekend rainy day though, I always starve.

I feel that on rainy days, my craving for food and hunger seems more magnified than on any other weather. The problem though, on rainy days too, I feel the comfort of my room is more alluring than going out to buy food and get wet. I also hate getting water splashed on my clothes which means more laundry to do AND I hate wet roads because roads tend to look more dirty in rain.

Delivery is sure the easiest way to get food but I rarely have enough cash on me and the nearest cash machine is almost 8 minutes walking distance away. With just 47 cents on my pocket, I wonder what can I get delivered to my room. I think I’ll just survive on this milk biscuits I brought from home and a lot of water and hold the hunger till morning. I hope the rain stop soon.

Alright, enough ranting, continue studying!


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