There’s this one song that has been playing on repeat on my mind, it is Bandaged by Adhitia Sofyan. Strangely, I found this song on one of my “dark days” and a perfect fit at that. It’s as if my inner thoughts are pictured perfectly by the song. Not the lyrics, but the overall mood of the song.

These past few weeks had been very busy that I forgot to take care of myself. I got so caught up with all the all-nighters, tasks, tests, that I forgot my inner most need, that is, to spare some time for me and me only, to think for my own self, not anyone else. It got so piled up that now I cannot even open my mouth or put a fake smile on my face. It just got so tiring.

Now, another added unnecessary problem I unconsciously made, pressure from my landlady, and may other problems I can’t even recall have pushed me to an edge of my limit. I want to run away for a moment and regain my comfort.

Give me time. Give me space. Give me solitude.

Give me myself back.

Or I might go to the bridge up the hill.


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