Walk Out.

Here I am again, sitting on the same bench in this park. On the bench, where we used to sit, talk, wait, cry, and laugh together. But this time, this bench is no longer a cheerful place, this bench’s not as shaky as when the 6 of use sat in this small and piching bench together. Because this time, I am sitting here alone. I am alone.

Today is Saturday. Our practice day. The day when we usually meet up in this park, to then go to the practice spot together. It’s 10 a.m, when we usually already gather in this park. And I am still waiting for them to come here, and once again share our beautiful thoughts.

“Hey fellas, where the heck are you right now?! I’ve been sitting here alone like an idiot for like 30 minutes++. Are you gonna come or not? It’s hellishly hot in here, come A….” I stopped typing in the middle. The reality suddenly hits me, roughly. For a while there, I still thought that we’re still in this together. For a while there, I still thought that we’re still so young and free. For a while there, I still thought that the time cannot change us, and that it wont change us. But there’s this damn true saying :

Time pass, memories fade, and people change.

But I don’t think this apply to me. As I still remember almost everything we’ve all gone through together, how happy we were when we went to that seminar, when we fought because of how we spent time ineffectively, how we spend evenings together just to solve one goddamned motion. And most of all, I do not change; or just haven’t. But one thing for sure, I will always treasure our shared moments, I will always miss you guys–us, and you will always have a special place in my heart. And I will always miss you like Rose always miss her Jack. Like Harry miss his parents.

Now, can I ask you something?

Do you miss me?


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